bank eroding toward south street

Erosion Abatement Along South Street Extension

Erosion was threatening South Street Extension along Taughannock Creek. The ten foot dropoff at the edge of the collapsing bank got very close to the guardrail at the edge of the road.

The Town of Ulysses started the "South Street Extension Slope Stabilization Project" during the summer of 2019. This was "590 feet of bank slope stabilization along Taughannock Creek using a retaining wall, heavy stone fill, and regrading the bank due to stream bank failure."

According to 2019.10.17 Quarterly F&I Report, the project was designed by Barton & Loguidice - Rochester, NY from July 2015 – July 2018. "B&L completed design, submitted and (ACOE DEC/ACOE) permit approvals."

Tompkins county passed a Resolution May 7, 2019 awarding the construction bid to Seneca Stone Corporation. (The county name for the project is "CR136S South Street Extension Slope Stabilization").

bank and south street after project