Erosion Project Time-lapse

; leaflet-marker markerLat="42.5261" markerLon="-76.6606" markerContent="<a href=\"/timelapse/100\">Near the creek at the upstream end of the project</a>" :
; leaflet-marker markerLat="42.52638" markerLon="-76.6606" markerContent="<a href=\"/timelapse/101\">Top of the bank near the upstream swale</a>" :
; leaflet-marker markerLat="42.52626" markerLon="-76.660348" markerContent="<a href=\"/timelapse/102\">Near the creek at the bottom of the upstream swale</a>" :
; leaflet-marker markerLat="42.52638" markerLon="-76.659952" markerContent="<a href=\"/timelapse/103\">On the creek in the middle of the embankment</a>" :
; leaflet-marker markerLat="42.526636" markerLon="-76.660024" markerContent="<a href=\"/timelapse/104\">At the top center of the embankment near the road</a>" :
; leaflet-marker markerLat="42.5267" markerLon="-76.65952" markerContent="<a href=\"/timelapse/105\">High on the bank near the start of the downstream swale</a>" :
; leaflet-marker markerLat="42.52662" markerLon="-76.659412" markerContent="<a href=\"/timelapse/106\">At the lookout at the edge of the embankment</a>" :
; leaflet-marker markerLat="42.5267" markerLon="-76.65916" markerContent="<a href=\"/timelapse/107\">On the driveway at the top of the project access road</a>" :
; leaflet-marker markerLat="42.52658" markerLon="-76.6588" markerContent="<a href=\"/timelapse/108\">On the driveway near the upstream end of the gabians</a>" :
; leaflet-marker markerLat="42.52654" markerLon="-76.65844" markerContent="<a href=\"/timelapse/109\">At the clearing near the end of the driveway</a>" :
; leaflet-marker markerLat="42.52622" markerLon="-76.65772" markerContent="<a href=\"/timelapse/110\">Just upstream of the Durling bend</a>" :
; leaflet-marker markerLat="42.52614" markerLon="-76.65754" markerContent="<a href=\"/timelapse/111\">In the center of the Durling bend</a>" :
; leaflet-marker markerLat="42.52622" markerLon="-76.65736" markerContent="<a href=\"/timelapse/112\">At the downstream end of the Durling bend</a>" :
; leaflet-marker markerLat="42.526396" markerLon="-76.6588" markerContent="<a href=\"/timelapse/113\">On the south bank of the creek across from the gabions</a>" :
; leaflet-marker markerLat="42.52638" markerLon="-76.6597" markerContent="<a href=\"/timelapse/114\">On the south bank of the creek mid embankment</a>" :
; leaflet-marker markerLat="42.5385904" markerLon="-76.6097386" markerContent="<a href=\"/timelapse/115\">Taughannock Falls Overlook Visitors Center</a>" :
; leaflet-marker markerLat="%!s(<nil>)" markerLon="%!s(<nil>)" markerContent="<a href=\"/timelapse/%!s(<nil>)\">Click on a marker, then on the link in the bubble that pops up, to see a series of photos taken at the marked spot from as early as 2008 to the present.</a>" :